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1 year ago @ 11:23AM

Making a Splash for the Ducks

Catching up with Whitney alum Maliyah Lewis (c/o 2016 - cheer and track and field) and her experience as a first-year cheerleader for University of Oregon by Savannah Hill.

Q: What's your practice schedule like?

A: I have practice 5 days a week at UO vs 2 or 3 days a week at high school. There is a lot more repetition and a lot less breaks. We have weights 3 times a week where we do workout programs designed specifically for each individual by our weights coach.

Q: Is it difficult to balance school and sports?

A: Balancing school and sports is really hard. Typically the student athletes take morning classes as early as 8 AM so that we can be done with school before practice because we have practice at 3 and we don’t finish until 6 or 7, and then we have to make time for homework after that. For cheer, we cheer for basketball as well as football, so sometimes we have school, practice, weights, and a game all in one day.

Q: What was something that surprised you the most about life as a college athlete?

A: One thing that surprised me about life as a college athlete is the amount of support and resources they provide in order for us to be successful. Student athletes at UO have a building called the Jaqua, it’s the building that only athletes can have access to. We can print for free, get free tutoring, borrow books (so we don’t have to buy them), and there are lots of rooms to study in.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: My goals for the future are to learn how to balance school and sports better. My first term was really difficult but i found that, if I really stay on track and don’t procrastinate and use all the resources that I’ve been provided, then I can be successful in all areas.

Q: What’s one thing that you learned from your time as a Whitney athlete that prepared you for college sports?

A: How to weightlift. When I came to UO for summer practices, I was comfortable with and already knew how to do Olympic weightlifting whereas my fellow rookie teammates had no idea what to do. So having that prior knowledge really helped me out.


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